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  • Biotech Engages Clarite to Set Foundation for IT Road Map

  • Leading Global Financial Services Company Utilizes Clarite to Audit & Tighten Order to Fulfillment Practices

  • Clarite Attends Argyle CFO Executive Forum Addressing Finance Role in M&A, Growth Strategy & Transformation

  • CIO and Growth Strategy Experts Added to Clarite1 Network

  • Clarite Joins International Coach Federation

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Financial Systems Project Audit & Redirection

Client Sponsor: VP, FP&A
Problem/Opportunity: Failing 9 month, $1M ERP implementation.
How We Helped: Working with client, we performed an immediate 2- day audit of the project environment utilizing subject matter experts in financial systems. Project management disciplines, formation of Clarite-sourced business liaison role, revised timelines, and project relaunch ensued.
Quantifiable Results: "Go-live" was accomplished per revised plan. Client engaged Clarite to lead full implementation of future, larger phase of functionality. Phase 2 engagement was accomplished in only 4 months at 75% of the cost of Phase 1.

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Vendor Management Program Design

Client Sponsor: Director, Vendor Management Office.
Problem/Opportunity: Management directive to save $10M in annual IT vendor spend.
How We Helped: We assisted the client team with designing, communicating and executing vendor optimization strategies. Development of rate cards, supplier certification and evaluation standards, and contract management protocols were put into place.
Quantifiable Results: The vendor pool was consolidated/reduced by 50%, 19 key vendors were certified, and the full $10M in savings was realized.

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Warehouse Management / Inventory Control

Client Sponsor: Private Equity Operating Principal
Problem/Opportunity: Inventory shrinkage of $2M annually, and significant stockout/overage.
How We Helped: We provided interim warehouse management responsibility, and within 90 days, set a game plan to overhaul inventory & distribution. Inventory re-order logic, receiving and shipping controls, and return of non-saleable merchandise were all implemented.
Quantifiable Results: Inventory shrinkage reduced to 0%, credit return netted $500K immediate cash inflow, and re-order logic resulted in 90% demand forecasting rate.

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IT Systems Rationalization

Client Sponsor: Private Equity Operating Principal
Problem/Opportunity: Numerous systems projects underway and not being delivered, and customer need for new system within short time.
How We Helped: We quickly inventoried all systems initiatives, progress and cost, as well as critical needs upon acquisition of portfolio company. Low-impact, high-cost projects were stopped, while others accelerated via re-sequencing rollouts and by applying external project management oversight.
Quantifiable Results: 3 of 5 original projects continued and delivered on time, along with rollout of new customer solution. Implementation costs reduced from $2M to $750K through project acceleration factors and rationalization of program components.

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Pre-Merger Financial & Business Model Assessment

Client Sponsor: Executive Management Team
Problem/Opportunity: Consideration of merger of complementary business units
How We Helped: We led the analysis and design of a new channel/market strategy, organizational realignment, and financial projection. The business viability assessment, and detailed plan to execute the transition, was presented to Executive Management who approved the $75M net contribution to the new combined business.
Quantifiable Results: Merger was realized with net contribution in excess of $100M. Customer retention remained in levels in excess of 95%.

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Competitive Benchmarking Analysis

Client Sponsor: Senior VP, Finance & Operations
Problem/Opportunity: Management due diligence preceding business unit divestiture
How We Helped: Working with key Finance & Operations managers, we facilitated the gathering of key benchmark data elements for client company to competitor. We mapped organizations to their true competitive offerings (and carved out non-matches), performed business-line and product-profitability analysis, and shared findings with senior management.
Quantifiable Results: Our analysis revealed a significant financial performance gap between client and competitor. Explanation of drivers resulted in sale of business unit, and top-line revenue strategies for growing the remaining competitive businesses.

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Customer Billing Transparency

Client Sponsor: Business Unit Finance Director
Problem/Opportunity: No visibility into $500K of "lost" monthly
billable charges, and significant manual reconciliations.
How We Helped: We performed an initial assessment of the client's contract-to-billing process and supporting technologies. In concert with management, we were able to diagnose the source of customer confusion, as well as the root process cause leading to unbilled "revenue being left on the table" each month. We designed and project-managed a new process and modified the technology and data flow to deliver billing accuracy.
Quantifiable Results: The need for manual reconciliation activity was eliminated through the use of a new validation functionality tool, and exception reporting. Billing accuracy at 100%, and earned revenue appropriately accounted for monthly.

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Financial Process Transformation

Client Sponsor: VP, Finance
Problem/Opportunity: Prior year functional turnover levels of 50%, and inefficient month-end transaction processes
How We Helped: We provided management with focus and structure in facilitating a financial process transformation effort. We established baseline measures and utilized Six Sigma techniques to identify significant capacity gains and process reengineering opportunities.
Quantifiable Results: Standard reporting & close cycle improvements resulted in a 30% time-savings across function. With capacity redeployed, and time "given back," process rigor was established and turnover reduced to normal expected levels of 15-20%.

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Business Continuity Management Development

Client Sponsor: Senior Director, Risk Management
Problem/Opportunity: Slow execution of business continuity program and pandemic preparedness put company at risk
How We Helped: We provided project management expertise to help accelerate program development and bring visibility across the organization. Program work streams were addressed in the areas of communications, technology adoption, governance, metrics and continuity planning.
Quantifiable Results: In four months, the business continuity capabilities were advanced, and the program shifted from development into management/maintenance. Pandemic & Business Recovery Plans were completed across 40 global locations, representing 30+ business units spanning nearly 10,000 employees and $3B in revenue.

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Staff Centralization Initiative

Client Buyer: Senior VP, Operations
Problem/Opportunity: Cost reduction pressures in reorganized company; goal to centralize 19 field of offices into 2.
How We Helped: Clarite served as project manager to guide all implementation activities related to centralization effort. We reviewed future organizational model, and right-sized operations for 2 new locations using volume-driven model. Worked with centralized supervisors and management to plan for new hire onboarding & training, and migrated staff activities from regional field offices to support hub.
Quantifiable Results: First year savings of $700K was realized. Organization right-sized to accommodate absorbing additional capacity in other locations. Customer service metrics remained in excess of 90% on-time rates after transition and migration occurred.

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