Spotlight News

  • Biotech Engages Clarite to Set Foundation for IT Road Map

  • Leading Global Financial Services Company Utilizes Clarite to Audit & Tighten Order to Fulfillment Practices

  • Clarite Attends Argyle CFO Executive Forum Addressing Finance Role in M&A, Growth Strategy & Transformation

  • CIO and Growth Strategy Experts Added to Clarite1 Network

  • Clarite Joins International Coach Federation

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About Clarite

What We Believe

We believe companies that grow and sustain themselves share a common focus on fundamentals and building lasting capabilities. Such companies understand how to use technology most effectively to enable decision-making and manage the day-to-day business; how financial discipline and sound management practices maximize profit; and how organizational competencies and processes combine to raise the level of operating performance so more can be done with the same or fewer resources.

Just as a house will crumble without a solid foundation, companies cannot build a sustainable and growing business with a weak infrastructure. At Clarite, we bring a laser-like focus on the Financial & Operations foundation and see our value as helping to build significantly greater operational equity into the "business house" than currently exists. We believe that strengthening the supporting pillars of Finance & Operations will enable management to better execute customer-facing activities and grow markets in the most cost-efficient, risk-protected manner possible.

Finally, we strive in every situation to transfer to our clients our knowledgebase of seeing firsthand the pitfalls that have pulled companies down and those best-demonstrated practices that have made a vast difference in being an admired and model business. Our value is not merely found in solving a stated business problem; rather, our consultants aspire to ensuring the people we work with are smarter and more capable than when we first arrive. That is our definition of continuous improvement.